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People are tired of traditional 'brain training' apps and games.

Evolvr - VR Healing Center & VR Rehabilitation integrates immersive virtual reality experiences and games with adaptive artificial intelligence so players can take a break from the mundane, and enjoy tracking the improvement of their holistic well-being: mood, energy levels, motor skills, and much more.

In Evolvr, the player enters a surreal environment where they can interact with virtual avatars, and start training by playing different games. Exploring and enjoying experiences in the app unlocks new challenges and experiences, and users can claim an online account to track and share their progress. The international team of wellness experts behind Evolvr, support ongoing development of the application, including releases of new direct-to-consumer and clinical rehabilitative modules, to help players address a wide range of personal or therapeutic goals in the extraordinary world of Evolvr.

The app is in prototype phase, and you can visit this page to find out the latest updates.

VR Healing Center
Self-improve with therapeutic game and experiences designed to help you de-stress, optimize your energy levels, improve your timing and coordination, and much more.
Healing Center Hub
The central environment which connects different wellness and therapy modules. These modules have sensory-enhanced experiences with audiovisual content that are natural,organic, and even abstract using principals derived from art and music therapy.
Physical Rhythm
Timing & Memory Rehabilitative Game
This module is based on the principals of gross motor rehabilitation, focused on increasing the user's reaction time and accuracy. It's based on proven research to increase alertness and creativity with fun progressive challenges and audiovisual stimulation.
Mood & Energy Modulation Tool
Here the user will choose from several different modes/scenes for changing their own mental/emotional state. Feeling tired? Get a boost of energy. Feeling stressed? Try our meditation or relaxation tools for a guided experience toward peace and clarity of mind.
Exercise Module
This is a more traditional exercise. Users manipulate unique and novel 3D assets for exercise that is safe for VR from their choice of either seated or standing positions. Companion hardware allows the user to progress the exercises with the guidance of Evolvr team training staff, or an Evolvr certified healthcare professional.
Check out more of Evolvr Team's work ...
Games and Experiences for VR/AR
Evolvr- Endangered Species
Collect digital assets to help fund protection of real endangered species
Don't Stop Dancing
Rhythm and timing based dance game with top EDM tracks
Special projects deployed to address real-world training needs for vulnerable populations.
VR STEAM Education Modules
Gamified learning in science, education, arts, and mathmatics
About Us
Adam Parsons, Producer
Rahul Sinha, Technologist
Kittikun Wongteptean, Artist
Mitul Goti, VR Studio Manager
Adam Twersky, VR Engineer
Niko Korolog, Audio Director 

Evolvr Collective is an international team of VR/AR/XR artists and developers operating Evolvr Digital Media company, with offices in California and Virginia, USA. 

The brand website will be hosted at www.evolvr.io and B2B development of websites and apps available at www.evolvr.dev
Featured Member
Adam Parsons, OTR/L

Founder of Therapy on Demand, Oculus Launchpad 2018 Member, and Registered and Licensed Occupational Therapist, Adam Parsons holds a Masters degree of Science in Occupational Therapy. He is a practicing clinician and leader of self-funded startup businesses: Therapy on Demand, Evolvr Digital Media, and Futura.Health. He applies great leadership skills and healthcare knowledge in directing the development of powerful therapeutic mechanisms interwoven into Evolvr Healing Center experiences.